Wednesday, 5 December 2012

woman in flight

Woman in flight, like a feather in the wind
I love her despite, the empty promises she uses to bind
She changes her mind, and her voice is always sweet
She leads me blind, like a fire she’s the heat

She has a pretty voice, in tears and in laughter
I have no choice, I keep on chasing after
I can’t rejoice,  I’m a slave and she’s my master
But she is always lying, always a miserable character

Who can trust her, who can ever be happy with her
Who can love her, who can ever be loving to her
I concur, i’m an amateur to her
But it will never occur, that she is the one i prefer

Woman in flight, like a feather in the wind
He has a pretty voice, always gentle always sweet


Nikita said...

Lovely poem!

Cas Miganda said...

Thank you dear

Adeife Adebiyi said...

Hi Cas,this is a nice and inspiring poem