Wednesday, 16 January 2013

no title

this poem has no title, these words have no identity

these ideas have no limits, they're vital

pushing the bounds of creativity, this piece has no morality

coz i do not have to rhyme my piece for it to be considered poetry

with all due respect, i write what i feel, i write what is real

i dont write for the thrill, these words pay my bills

if i had to chose the love of my life, you better not count your self in

this is the real deal,

poetry to the death of me

Its vanity.. its like chasing the wind but you cant catch it...

its not Reality tv  that has made you an addict...

no Tv screens and movie thrills...

these Wanting the life of stacking dollar bills...

am Living like a model popping all those skinny pills...

i live like a poet, one word at a time

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