Thursday, 27 February 2014

I wrote this

Listening and dancing to this melody
Thoughts came through, pass by so to say
Remembering our journey, just a while back, just me and you
When you meant a great deal to me
When the smiles on your face, shined my days
When even my own words couldn't explain it better
So it all became tears down the chin,
Dropping to the water flowing under the bridge
And changing its colour to sorrows
I cried, trust me I did
We didn't move to better places, we just grow older and clearer
We don't have a perfect life, we just don't care any more, because there's really nothing better life could throw at us
And I suppose it doesn't have to make sense now
And I suppose we all tasted our moments of glade grace
All you can do at this moment, is smile back with your head held up high, and pride, and pain, and better hopes, for a better new journey, a fair one.

-P. The Son Of Soil

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

All dreams are well

I used to go up in the roof every night
To talk to my dead "run away" father
Hoping to free the anger
Free the questions, or possibly ask more
Free the memories that has no tomorrow
Memories that take me back, and never come back
Hoping to free him

Sometimes up there, the wind blow so hard
It blows away life
And the pouring rain, paint away my tears
As the sun rises every morning
With a new day, a new dawn, a new light
I still dream of seeing him
I dream of my children
The love I would give them
I know
I'll never see him, never talk to him, never nothing
But it's okay to dream every now and then
It fills the sense of life, the empty holes of hopes
I now wonder what will he say to me
How will he stand in front of me
Whether smile, laugh, hug or even cry for the man i have grown to be

And it's funny how people's doings always leaves an achy scare on our hearts
Slowly but surely, our tears melt them into a perfect soul
And as I feel his presents up there every night
I pray it may snow and freeze up my heart, and colour the
rain tears to ashes
Never mind

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My Eyes

Windows to the soul, some say
Downloaders of information
I close them  tight when I pray
Makes it easy to feel the connection, between God and I
Thoughts keep them fixed
Fear shuts them down
Pain makes them leak
Joy makes them shine
Love makes them speak

I use them all the time