Friday, 26 February 2010

Poetry Meets Digital Art

I was honoured to be recently contacted by Tina Quatroni, a New York photographer and digital artist. This is what she said:

"I was surfing the internet on this snow day and came across your poem Life in Pieces had my breath! I read it and reread it..and became completely inspired to do an abstract digital art piece. That is mainly how I create..something must bring me a muse."

Tina also did a second piece of art:

"I have been creative today..been snowed in here in NY so see one more I did to your poem Empty Spaces! It is a little on the dark side..but I really felt it captured an emotion that I felt when reading that poem.

I must say, I like both pieces. Life in Pieces is about things falling apart and the rediscovery of purpose. Empty Spaces was written for a friend who had lost someone close to them.

I also like the idea of different kinds of art inspiring one another. For example, I find painting extremely inspiring (galleries are among my favourite places in the world), but I probably express myself better in words than on the canvass.

This is one of the reasons why my poems are all published under a Creative Commons License, rather than Copyrighted. That allows great artists like Tina to spark off of my creativity, and vice versa.

Thanks Tina, keep answering the muse!