Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Embrace Me

I’m walking I a path, a path in the middle of nowhere,
With friends around me we laugh and we smile,
What great joy within peers, but that would only last for a while.

Suddenly I see myself near a yard, no one around…but wait!
I see someone coming, some one dressed in a smile.
Could it be? No it can’t be!
Then your face appeared, you caught me off guard.
All my friends are gone and I'm filled with distress, though I’m loosing my mind,
But I run to you, you wait for me, throwing my arms around you, with tears running down my face I whisper in your ear “I LOVE YOU”
You whisper back in my ear with the sweetest voice I have ever heard “I LOVE YOU TOO, MORE THAN YOU’LL WEVER KNOW”
And all the distress is gone.

I see you holding me; our hands intertwine, immediately our spirits connect.
In my belly I feel. I feel affection.
Embrace me please keep holding me.
Motionless we stand, in one position we embrace,
Silently we both cry…pain? No!
Tears of joy, finally we are together again, in a pool of love heart-to-heart
You pull back with a smile on your face and say to me “I WILL NEVER LET GO”
Once again you hold me tight in your arms and still you embrace me.

Entangled in emotions time stops,
Entangled in emotions life stop?
No…no…no life finds meaning for a few seconds…minutes…hours
We moved into eternity, people around us stare but we don’t care.
We both know the moment too precious will never come again, we continue to embrace.
I wake up with tears on my face, my pillow wet and you are not there, so much pain and despair.
All I wanted was you to embrace me but I feel…all I feel…I feel your spirit around me

Realizing embrace me was just a dream, I bitterly wept
Time stooped, I’m not in eternity this time round,
But because I missed you time stopped?
When we met again, even if it lasts us hours,
All I need is for you to embrace me, yes for us to cuddle up and in silence just hold hands.


Friday, 16 November 2012

My Love Sonnet

An overflowing feeling fills my heart
A smile on my face says so much but I don’t know where to start
My heart beats irregularly, with my stomach full of butterflies
Your character spectacularly captures my soul, immediately I feel like we are allies – soul mates
I’m hoping that when you finish reading this sonnet we will finally connect
I’m praying for a sign so that I can forever make you mine

An overflowing feeling fills my heart
I’d literally breakdown if we would ever part
I can feel my spirit hugging yours
And all my being wrapped in the essence of yours
We fit together like a jigsaw puzzle
I sit and try to figure it out but it’s still a marvel
This is my love sonnet
And with it I’m trying to be honest


Thursday, 15 November 2012

...it's sickening...

you see, i'm sick and tired of women saying all men are the same,
i'm sick and tired of women treating love like just another game,
i'm sick and tired of falling in and out of love all over again,
i'm sick and tired of thinking about this it's just filling me with pain,

you see most women are shallow and they have no shame,
pointing fingures like they don't know who to blame,
pouring all their burdens on me because I fit the frame,
like i'm part of the fire just another burning flame,

being male, doesn't make one a man,
a real man sticks through the troubles, he doesn't hit and run,
for his mistakes, do I really have to burn?

we make love, just because it sounds fun,
you call me hun, just because you can,
not that any feelings are involved, it's just a dry run,

so please understand that I LOVE YOU,
what I tell you is true,
and if you have half a brain, you will know what to do

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

daddy please stop

Hush little baby don’t say a word,
was all that came out of the little blackbird’
just another sad song to ease the pain,
of all that is around her and the lost youth she would never regain

‘ daddy please stop,’  is the song  in her head,
‘ mummy why don’t you believe me and all that i’ve said?’

Her young life now hopeless, her eyes tear stained,
 all the showers she takes will never wash away the pain,
 she takes cocaine to numb the hurt she can’t unchain,
 but when its dark the beast roams again,

‘ daddy please stop,’  is the song in her head,
‘ mummy why won’t you believe me and all that i’ve said?’

Her cries in vain,
 like Abel’s upon Cain,
 her wrists scarred with the attempts of suicide she could not attain,
 her mind is filled with hatered for it’s all that sustains her,
 all the nightmares she has she can never contain,

‘daddy please stop,’  is the song  in her head,
‘ mummy why don’t you believe me and all that i’ve said?’

Now she’s a grown woman, thinking all men are inhumane,
 her life ruined her clothes bloodstained,
 the monster in her mind she wishes him slain,
 a  far fetched achievement but in her mind, her favourite song remains

‘daddy please stop, i cant take it no more,’
‘ mommy why could you not stop him long ago?’