Wednesday, 5 December 2012

the true maning of love

La Amour...
In every language you say,
 it sounds sweet any day
Love is an emotion of strong affection and attraction
It is the intimate addiction to the one
The one you give all your heart, the one you promised never to be apart.

Love is a virtue of kindness and compassion,
 it is the unselfish devotion with vows of passion
love unleashes a variety of different feelings, feelings so real it’s more like healing
to a heart that has been chilling,
in the depths of the cold sea.

love is passionate, it is the closeness of being together
it is the  oneness of being in love, to hold and to have
love compares to survival instincts, that keep humans together
love is less of a sexual affair,
 it’s more of a punishment that you endure over and again because you care.

in love, you never fall,
 when you fall, it does not hurt
and when it hurts, you do not cry,
 because love conqures all.

whether rich or poor, on the beach or in the shower
whether short or tall, in winter or in fall
whether blind or deaf, insecure or feeling safe
all you need is love.

love is an international language that overrides all the cultural and linguistic illusions that represent our generation
love is reciprocated, it’s a mammalian drive like hunger or thirst
 call it lust, call it attachment,
 but i call it safety,
the security to say the words ’i love you’ and feel it, to say ‘i need you’ and see it.

love has taken control of my system, stimulating my brain’s pleasure center
i am so in love i get side effects
when i can’t eat, it’s because of you
when i can’t sleep, it’s because of you
when my heart beats, it’s because of you
when i stop to stare at another woman, it’s because of you
it’s because i know, she has nothing on you
the common ground for humanity, is the need and desire for love
love is timeless,
love is kind,
love and kindness are  never wasted, and so is time
so trust me when i say,

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