Wednesday, 5 December 2012

a victim of love

In the beginning there was love, and love was good
But love was fucked up, but not in her hood
See, it was love that brought her parents together
By the same love she was delivered
A beautiful baby girl, touched by God himself
A wonderful child, likened to a trophy upon a shelve

See, her mother treasured her,
 her father thought she was the treasure
But  was it for love that he popped her cherry, or was it his silent pleasure
Every touch made her feel lesser, her very wish to die quicker

Tears on her eyes, her story never heard
Her cries on weak ears, her story too absurd
Every word unheard, everyone unconcerned
Who would ever want to pick, her side or the dad

If love was in nature, then she would have been nurtured
Never to face the torture, victimized by this creature
He who was to be her teacher, turned out to be the creeper
Deaf still remains the preacher, no words could ever fill her

The victim of his fiction, her poetry her addiction
Not even the crusiffiction could heal her of this friction
The monster in her head, as he rose she went back in her cave
Her innocence he enslaved, secrets  she will take to the grave

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