Friday, 20 November 2009

Women of Africa (video)

I was meant to attend the "Destiny Dinner" in London on Saturday, organised by Zimbabwean Yvonne Marimo, and read this poem, which I composed especially for the event. Unfortunately, work has taken me to Azerbaijan and I am unable to attend in person.

So I recorded this video of me reading the poem, which will be shown. The sound-sync is a bit out - probably something to do with the fact that I recorded it in a hotel in Tbilisi, Georgia - but hopefully you get the idea. For more information, see

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Call for Submissions on Africa: A Journal of Artful Candor

Aunt Chloe: A Journal of Artful Candor

Aunt Chloe: A Journal of Artful Candor is calling for submissions for its upcoming 2010 issue. Aunt Chloe, formerly Focus magazine, is Spelman College’s oldest literary publication. We favor work that tackles issues of the political, personal, mundane and earth-shattering in artful and candid ways, with the intent of illuminating the overlooked and the disregarded.

We are also accepting submissions for our special “Africa” segment. We will feature African artists, writers, and poets who, through their work, tackle social, political and cultural issues.

Aunt Chloe accepts poetry, visual art, photography, fiction, and nonfiction via e-mail only. Please visit for submission instructions and guidelines. The deadline for submission is January 15, 2010. Please email your submissions to .