Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Seize the Day: Favourite Inspirational Poems by Wayne Visser

I'm delighted to announce that my new book of poems is out on Kindle (download the free app to read on PC/any device). Here's the blurb ...


This unique collection brings together inspirational poems by South African poet and writer, Wayne Visser. The anthology includes many old favourites like "Poets Must Be" and "Horrendus Camena", as well as brand new poems like "The Writer" and "Seize the Day":

Sages through the ages wisely say:
Carpe Diem – seize the dawning day!
Oh, would that I could assuage that thirst
But the day conspires to seize me first!

Buy it now for little more than the price of a cup of coffee at:

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Shine, Africa, Shine! by Wayne Visser

By Wayne Visser

I. The Dark Continent

Africa – the dark continent:
So named by explorers
Because the candle of their knowledge
Was feeble and flickering;
Because their ignorance
Was a void of deep space.

Africa – the dark continent:
So named by conquerors
Because the torch of their mission
Was sordid and smoking;
Because their prejudice
Was a cave of grey ghouls.

Africa – the dark continent:
So named by scholars
Because the lamp of their enquiry
Was paltry and passing;
Because their theories
Were coded in white and black.

II. Enemies Of The Sun

Africa is the continent of light,
But there are enemies of the sun:
Despots who snuff out flames,
Gangsters who skulk in caverns
And traders who deal in darkness.

Africa is the continent of light,
But there are crevices of shade:
Valleys where black blood flows,
Corridors where corruption festers
And markets where slavery sells.

Africa is the continent of light,
But there is darkness, it is true:
For every beam casts its shadow,
Every sun has its eclipse
And there is no day without night.

III. The Day of Dawning

Yet Africa’s day is dawning,
So let those who talk of shadows
Bring their light to bear;
And those who proclaim darkness
Open their eyes wide.

Africa’s day is dawning,
So let those who feed the night
Find themselves cold and hungry;
And those who steal the light
Find themselves alone and imprisoned.

Africa’s day is dawning,
So let those who pedal black fear
Discover the beauty of sunrise;
And those who dwell in tunnels
Find their inner flame.

IV. The Land Of Sunshine

Africa is the land of sunshine
Where topaz skies stretch out
From here-now to forever
And each scarlet sunrise
Renews faith, hope and life.

Africa is the hearth of firelight
Where dancing flames leap up
For distant starry dreams
And glowing orange embers
Warm the hands of friendship.

Africa is the pot of rainbows
Where every pregnant storm cloud
Crackles with electricity
And each shroud of grey mist
Shimmers iridescent.

V. The Shining Continent

So shine, Africa, shine!
Nourish our shared earth
And feed our common roots;
Green our tree of life
And bear sweet fruits of peace.

Shine, Africa, shine!
Spark our imagination
And confound us with your brilliance;
Flame our deepest desires
And dazzle us with your colours.

Shine, Africa, shine!
Fire our greatest passions
And empower us with your stories;
Blaze brightly on our soul quest
And inspire us with your light.

Copyright 2011

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Lagos Lives, by Wayne Visser

Written after a recent (and first) visit to Nigeria.

Lagos Lives
By Wayne Visser

Lagos lives
Seeding and sprawling
Steaming and smoking
Grasping at the shoreline
Gasping at the skyline
Clinging to its oil-slicked ropes
And singing of its toil-stripped hopes

Praise be!
To the God who sets His people free
To the fiery preacher on TV
To the Sunday throng that still believe
Praise be!
To the beggar and the banker
To the fisher and the swanker
To the struggler and the smuggler
Praise be!

Lagos breathes
Coughing and crooning
Swaggering and swooning
Shouting at the winners
Flouting all the sinners
Unleashing hope with soaring psalms
And greasing all the outstretched palms

Praise be!
To the Son who died upon the tree
To the light that makes the blind to see
To the ear that hears each prayerful plea
Praise be!
To the leaders and the bleeders
To the hackers and the slackers
To the hopers and the jokers
Praise be!

Lagos moves
Churning and chugging
Squirming and slugging
Jamming on the highways
Cramming in the byways
Convulsing to the market mob
And pulsing to the Fela throb

Praise be!
To the Ghost who lit the flame in thee
To the Word of heavenly decree
To the Three in One and One in Three
Praise be!
To the movers and the shakers
To the moguls and the fakers
To the dealers and the healers
Praise be!

Lagos lives
And breathes
And moves
To a rhythm of its own
To an ancient mystic poem
To a purpose yet unknown
Lagos moves
And breathes
And lives.

Copyright 2011

Monday, 3 January 2011

Observe The Grain

It is the women that build the men,
Playing 'mother,'
Then later tear them down as good for nothing beasts,
(Brutes) only out to bight them...
I'm in a dream where I do not know my son in a class full of laughing children,
Tiny happy faces that do not seem of sex obsessed with right hood,
Where the music makes sense and the moving pictures are cool silent.
When I used to write from the heart,
Befriend the wild words then later seize the mind and clean the spaces in between them,
Groom the silence to be resplendent where the music will take birth,
Only to remind them that they are solely men and women in that silence,
Remind them that only the music makes sense...
Since it is the men that build the women,
Playing 'father,'
Then later tear them down as good for nothing beasts,
(Coots) only out to cut them...
Wide open from the heart and then write them out in parts,
To fill the room with laughing children in a class,
The dream where I
(Will not/ cannot)?
Find my son and know him.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

New book: Wishing Leaves: Favourite Nature Poems by Wayne Visser

My new poetry collection - Wishing Leaves - is out. Here's the blurb:

This unique collection brings together nature poems by South African poet and writer, Wayne Visser. The anthology includes many old favourites like "I Think I Was a Tree Once" and "A Bug's Life", as well as brand new poems like "Let Bells Ring Out" and "Wishing Leaves".

Here's an extract from Wishing Leaves, to give you a flavour:

Then as we turned our faces to the moon
Our hands entwined, our hearts in sync, in tune
We felt the fingers of the silken breeze
And made our wishes on the falling leaves

Order from the publisher, or Amazon.