Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Embrace Me

I’m walking I a path, a path in the middle of nowhere,
With friends around me we laugh and we smile,
What great joy within peers, but that would only last for a while.

Suddenly I see myself near a yard, no one around…but wait!
I see someone coming, some one dressed in a smile.
Could it be? No it can’t be!
Then your face appeared, you caught me off guard.
All my friends are gone and I'm filled with distress, though I’m loosing my mind,
But I run to you, you wait for me, throwing my arms around you, with tears running down my face I whisper in your ear “I LOVE YOU”
You whisper back in my ear with the sweetest voice I have ever heard “I LOVE YOU TOO, MORE THAN YOU’LL WEVER KNOW”
And all the distress is gone.

I see you holding me; our hands intertwine, immediately our spirits connect.
In my belly I feel. I feel affection.
Embrace me please keep holding me.
Motionless we stand, in one position we embrace,
Silently we both cry…pain? No!
Tears of joy, finally we are together again, in a pool of love heart-to-heart
You pull back with a smile on your face and say to me “I WILL NEVER LET GO”
Once again you hold me tight in your arms and still you embrace me.

Entangled in emotions time stops,
Entangled in emotions life stop?
No…no…no life finds meaning for a few seconds…minutes…hours
We moved into eternity, people around us stare but we don’t care.
We both know the moment too precious will never come again, we continue to embrace.
I wake up with tears on my face, my pillow wet and you are not there, so much pain and despair.
All I wanted was you to embrace me but I feel…all I feel…I feel your spirit around me

Realizing embrace me was just a dream, I bitterly wept
Time stooped, I’m not in eternity this time round,
But because I missed you time stopped?
When we met again, even if it lasts us hours,
All I need is for you to embrace me, yes for us to cuddle up and in silence just hold hands.


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