Thursday, 15 November 2012's sickening...

you see, i'm sick and tired of women saying all men are the same,
i'm sick and tired of women treating love like just another game,
i'm sick and tired of falling in and out of love all over again,
i'm sick and tired of thinking about this it's just filling me with pain,

you see most women are shallow and they have no shame,
pointing fingures like they don't know who to blame,
pouring all their burdens on me because I fit the frame,
like i'm part of the fire just another burning flame,

being male, doesn't make one a man,
a real man sticks through the troubles, he doesn't hit and run,
for his mistakes, do I really have to burn?

we make love, just because it sounds fun,
you call me hun, just because you can,
not that any feelings are involved, it's just a dry run,

so please understand that I LOVE YOU,
what I tell you is true,
and if you have half a brain, you will know what to do

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