Sunday, 21 October 2012

Joy Within A Storm

Clouds become heavier every second
The sky becomes darker and darker
I hear the sound of a strong wind stirring them up
Storm? Yes! Storm! In amazement I jump out of my bed
By every sound of thunder my heart stop for a while, not because I’m fearful
But because it’s the sound I heard inside me when I first saw you, when I heard your voice.
By every strike of lightning my eyes open wide with shock, not because I’m scared
But because it’s the first same kind of glow I saw when I saw you, when I looked into your eyes.

Like the storm fills the earth, your presence in my life does the same
Like the roar of thunder overcomes any sound around, your voice does the same to me
Like the sparkle of lightning as it strikes, your love for me makes my eyes glow, my heart flows.

People see a storm approaching, they become restless and start to panic…oh what a nightmare!
But I see you coming to me; once again I prepare my heart for the joy it’s about to experience
They wait in anxiety for the storm to come; I wait patiently for you to arrive.

Yes! Finally it pours heavily on earth, the streets are full, and the rivers overflow
Yes! Finally my heart is filled, my love for you overflows
Once again I feel the blessings of having you as part of my life
Every time there’s a storm, I’m reminded of you
Oh what great joy I feel, my heart, my spirit, my soul, they all admit.
Heaven and earth submit, this is joy, skies above and seas below all are part of my story, the joy within the storm!


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