Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Genesis by Wayne Visser


Out of the void of anticipation
Out of the time before time began
Out of the fire that sparked creation
Out of the earth that rooted a clan

Africa swirled
Africa spun
Africa world
Africa one

Out of the lava of molten streams
Out of the swamps of fetid earth
Out of the semiotic dreams
Out of the soils of fecund birth

Africa rose
Africa spread
Africa chose
Africa bled

From frothing seas and putrid ponds
With plankton tide and Pisces spawn
Life bloomed and bred and burst with fronds
And oceans glowed with Darwin’s dawn

Africa yawned
Africa breathed
Africa formed
Africa seethed

From fertile plains and sandy shores
Some creatures crept and leapt to flight
With fleeting flanks and razor claws
While others learned to walk upright

Copyright 2012 Wayne Visser