Thursday, 27 February 2014

I wrote this

Listening and dancing to this melody
Thoughts came through, pass by so to say
Remembering our journey, just a while back, just me and you
When you meant a great deal to me
When the smiles on your face, shined my days
When even my own words couldn't explain it better
So it all became tears down the chin,
Dropping to the water flowing under the bridge
And changing its colour to sorrows
I cried, trust me I did
We didn't move to better places, we just grow older and clearer
We don't have a perfect life, we just don't care any more, because there's really nothing better life could throw at us
And I suppose it doesn't have to make sense now
And I suppose we all tasted our moments of glade grace
All you can do at this moment, is smile back with your head held up high, and pride, and pain, and better hopes, for a better new journey, a fair one.

-P. The Son Of Soil

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