Monday, 3 January 2011

Observe The Grain

It is the women that build the men,
Playing 'mother,'
Then later tear them down as good for nothing beasts,
(Brutes) only out to bight them...
I'm in a dream where I do not know my son in a class full of laughing children,
Tiny happy faces that do not seem of sex obsessed with right hood,
Where the music makes sense and the moving pictures are cool silent.
When I used to write from the heart,
Befriend the wild words then later seize the mind and clean the spaces in between them,
Groom the silence to be resplendent where the music will take birth,
Only to remind them that they are solely men and women in that silence,
Remind them that only the music makes sense...
Since it is the men that build the women,
Playing 'father,'
Then later tear them down as good for nothing beasts,
(Coots) only out to cut them...
Wide open from the heart and then write them out in parts,
To fill the room with laughing children in a class,
The dream where I
(Will not/ cannot)?
Find my son and know him.


Michael said...

I love this piece. I've read it twice in 2 minutes and I know I'll read it a thousand times more before I die.
I'd love to read more of this poet's poems.

lorely said...

Music makes us all one...doesn't it? the silence and the birth of music...we are one.

kenny said...

Nice blog, great poem.

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Tatenda William said...

there is only one thing that binds men and women, which is the fact that our lives are intertwined. greatt piece of poetry which i found my self compelling to let go

Pranavam Ravikumar a.k.a. Kochuravi said...

nice one!


Music is the food to the soul.I love the poem.Keep up with the good works.
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