Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Sweet chocolate children

Dipped in honeyed sun

Doughnut dandy,

Laughter on the run

Small hand round my finger

Dark on light

Dappled shade

Bright rainbows of the night

Sweet my children

Africa’s new seed

Grow in beauty

Where the brave have bled

From the bones

Of tragedy and pain

Build the ladder

To the stars again

Pushing petals outward

To the sun

Sweet my children

Hope at last begun

Fiona Jamieson


4 comments: said...

Congratulations on the post Fiona!

Donna said...

I enjoyed your poem Fiona.

nikita said...

I did enjoy this one too, Fiona! Glad to see more "kids on the block" :)

Fiona Jamieson said...

Thanks to all for your interest:)