Saturday, 13 June 2009

We Could (new poem)

We could …

But what about consequences?

I’ve thought about it

And savoured the thought

Dreamed about it

And woke up still smiling

So, we could …

But what about responsibilities?

The thrill of beginnings

Leads to the ache of endings

Happy-go-lucky now

Means sad-and-lonely later

Yes, we could …

But what about expectations?

I’ve danced with images

And felt the beat of anticipation

Sung the very scenery

And heard nature join the chorus

No doubt, we could …

But what about destinations?

The paths of travellers

Cross, tangle and part ways

The stars of destiny

Seldom blink and shine in sync

We could …

But would we? And should we?


Anonymous said...

love the lines,
especially the idea of premeditating an action and its consequences.
great poem!! said...

Glad you like it, thanks!